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Who Hit “Shuffle”?

Some people lives are like play list, or at least they want you to think so. They know what’s next; they know the genre, the mood, etc. Well, mines not! My life is more like living in a continuous shuffle. … Continue reading

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Raw Emotions, Good Stuff!

All of us have had experiences that stand out in the field of memories. Three dates that stand out for me are October 19, December 28 and March 15. These are very special dates to me. But, it wasn’t the … Continue reading

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The Magic of One Little Word

Some of you know our daddy, AND that means you know how much of a pain in the butt he can be. When Deb and I are home, we like to hang out with Vee in the kitchen. We have … Continue reading

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Boogie Shoes at Christmas

I’m gonna take you back to Christmas Eve 1975ish. My mom’s (aka Vee) side of the family always gathered on Christmas Eve to swap gifts, hang out, eat, play cards, eat, laugh, eat….and DRINK! Head count…Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw, five daughters, … Continue reading

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Blue Eye Springs Road

As Debbie’s blog describes, these stories are about our journeys, and all that other good stuff. I was recently, sitting with a friend watching our girls tumble. Earlier I had asked what she was doing on her handy dandy phone. … Continue reading

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