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Sweet Tea~ a Southern Favorite

We recently took our family skiing in Colorado. Let’s just say, I think I could write a book about the entire journey! One little funny thing, EVERY time we went out for dinner, my kids asked for sweet tea. My … Continue reading

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I Want To Read a Granny Blog

Someone said to me the other day that my generation will be the best recorded of all women in all time. I think this is unfortunate. I think of all the things that I learned from my grandmothers, great aunts, … Continue reading

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The Magic of One Little Word

Some of you know our daddy, AND that means you know how much of a pain in the butt he can be. When Deb and I are home, we like to hang out with Vee in the kitchen. We have … Continue reading

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I Hope The Lord Appretiates My Singing…

My friend Heidi , from Falling Down The Rabbit Hole, posted about an experience in church involving a loud singer sitting next to her in church. I’m pretty sure that people sitting near me wished that I would sing quieter, or … Continue reading

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A Flamethrowing Hornet Killer

I don’t always get to see my Daddy’s shenanigans up close and personal;but my Momma does a great job of describing them to my sister and I. The latest scenaria was last week when Daddy noticed a hornet’s nest somewhere … Continue reading

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