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You Have to Be a Friend to Have a Friend

I’ve had alot of friends in my life and I’m thankful for each one of them. I had friends in high school, college and work, some that I’ve kept in touch with and some I’ve lost touch with. My Hippie … Continue reading

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Raw Emotions, Good Stuff!

All of us have had experiences that stand out in the field of memories. Three dates that stand out for me are October 19, December 28 and March 15. These are very special dates to me. But, it wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Did Lazarus Know?

Today’s sermon was the last of the “When God” series at my church. Today was about when it seems that God is late. Andy used the Lazarus story as the basis of his lesson. The story goes that Mary and … Continue reading

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Birthdays Are a Celebration…

Last night I couldn’t get to sleep. I was reminded of another sleepless night 17 years ago. I had been to the obstetrician for a regular visit..on my due date. I was told that my full term baby had managed … Continue reading

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Working Hard for Your Money

Several times this summer I came home from work to find a messy kitchen and teenagers laying around. This did not sit well with me.  As my girlfriend, Lisa P says, ” we needed to have a word of prayer … Continue reading

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