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Be My Guest

Holidays and family…good times and sometimes good life lessons. Thanksgiving is my favorite of all of the holidays. I love to cook with my momma. My daughter and nieces have had the honor of learning to make pies from one … Continue reading

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Eye Roll Wednesday

I am over on Eye Roll Diaries today. Come check me out if you ever wonder “what if” about something your teen has done. Read, laugh, and comment! Debbie

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Somewhere To Put It

A friend asked me last week why I decided to begin blogging. My sister made a FaceBook comment that it is my therapy. She is absolutely correct.  I have journaled for many years. does that count as writing? I think … Continue reading

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Doggie Camoflouge?

My puppy’s coloring reminds me a little of a baby fawn. As I watched him play in the woods behind our house, I noticed how he blended in the fall foliage. While our son enjoys hunting with my brother and … Continue reading

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…it’s a TEENAGER!

Three moms…seven teenagers. Need we say more? We will share the good, the bad, the ugly, and the absolutely hilarious about raising teens. I’m sure you will laugh, cry, and smile. We also welcome  you to write with us! We … Continue reading

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