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Can You Laugh At Yourself?

I say all the time that I learn from my friends. One of them makes me laugh so quickly and easily. She also has the ability and willingness to laugh at  herself. She celebrates her birthday today. Some may say … Continue reading

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When No One is Looking…

We all know that we should help people. We teach our kids to do the same. We see and hear about people helping people. What if you are busy? What if you are in a hurry? What if nobody will … Continue reading

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Keeping the Balance

 I’ve learned so much from all my “Hippie Chicks”. One thing that my girlfriend Kim is really good at is keeping things in perspective. It is hard to remember when I met Kim. I know that she wasn’t at the original … Continue reading

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Have a Red Flannel Christmas!

Many years ago, my Granny gave the girls and women in our family a gift that created some momentum. I’m guessing she didn’t know what to give and decided to make us all red flannel nightgowns. My younger cousins got … Continue reading

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Isn’t There Anyone Who Knows What Christmas Is All About!

When I was a child, one of my favorite Christmas events was watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special. (This was before cable TV, DVDs, DVRs, or even VHS tapes…we actually had to wait for it to be shown on a … Continue reading

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