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Lillie’s Peanut Brittle

My grandmother  made some delicious Peanut Brittle. Just before she became ill with what would take her to the hospital  where we had to say good-bye to her, my cousin and I sat down with her and wrote down some … Continue reading

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What Do You Do?

What is the first thing you ask someone when you meet them for the first time? One of the firsts is many times “what do you do?”.  It is so easy to do. I read a blog recently by Seth Godwin that … Continue reading

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Vee’s Chicken and Dressing

Chicken and dressing very well be my all time favorite food. It is a deceptively simple dish. There are as many recipes for this luscious dish as mosquitos in Alabama. Everybody I know thinks their momma’s or grandmother’s is the … Continue reading

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I’ve Never Won the Lottery…

  I’ve never won the lottery, or just about any other contest. Until now. My blogging mentor, Diane from Tangled in Kudzu has given me a blogging award.  If you haven’t read Diane’s work, and appreciate good old Southern humor … Continue reading

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How Secret Are Your Family Recipes?

I enjoy cooking and I think it might be genetic. The women in my family take great pride in cooking and sharing their creations. They don’t take as much pride in accurately sharing recipes, though. Some are tempted to leave … Continue reading

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