Have You Met the Muffin Pan?

I have developed a new interest in the past 2 months. Okay, it is more of an obsession/addiction. This sentence just made me think of a 12 step program. My name is Debbie and I am a Pinterest aholic. My friend Diane over at SimplyDianeBlog turned me on to Pinterest. Get this. You can’t just sign up for it. Well you can, but you have to wait to be accepted. If you are lucky, you can get a friend to send you an invite and I think it goes a little quicker. I wonder if this is Pinterest trying to avoid complete take over by commercialism? Some of my friends who are not nearly as hip as I am ask me what Pinterest is (hee hee..)I think it is like a magazine. Not just any magazine, though. It has recipes, crafts, fashion ideas, beautiful photos, and maybe the best of all, all kinds of cute quotes. It is the mother board( no pun intended) of magazines. You know the kind you see on a plaque in a store. You want to get it for yourself or for a birthday gift for a friend, or sister…but think where would you put it? You just pin it into a fun “board”, then go back and smile whenever you read it. Maybe your friends will repin it or comment on it! It has every genre of cute photos and ideas!

Pinterest has something for chicks of all ages. There are ideas for teens, brides, new moms, stay at home moms, housewives, crafter want to bes, cooks of every skill level, and comics/sarcastic middle-aged women. I have discovered that most of these awesome posts are attached to a blog. So I get a new recipe, or a craft idea, or even a new use for a mason jar or muffin pan AND get to read a quick ditty by someone who took the time to write. I LOVE it! I even pinned a few of my blogs and also from my other blog, Eye Roll Diaries. Want to hear something crazy? I’ve been repinned. I feel so validated!

My amateur marketing mind thinks this is the next best thing since Facebook, and I want IN. This whole thing is targeted shamelessly as women.  I jumped in with both feet. I read Pinterest is to women like Fantasy Football is to men. In case you don’t know it, women are every business’ target market. It feels all girl-friendy, fun, no guys allowed. You want in? Just ask a friend to invite you. Don’t know anybody on Pinterest? Send me a request…I’ll send you one, …if  you follow my pins :) As long as you are following, want to follow me on Facebook?Momma wants a custom url and I need more followers! Remember shameless?

Some of my faves on Pinterest:

  • leftover soup in muffin pan. line a muffin pan with plastic wrap, spoon in leftover soup. cover with plastic wrap. Freeze. Put frozen soup blocks in zip bags in freezer. Great lunch or snack waiting on you.
  • QUICK recipes with less than 5 ingredients, some in muffin pans for easy portioning
  • cute crafts to make with things you are getting ready to throw out
  • frozen grapes to keep your white wine chilled in the glass
  • adorable hair braiding  ideas for my daughter
  • how to make fabric softener with hair conditioner
  • how to make cute necklace organizers out of frames/cork board/drawer pulls
  • how to make anything out of old T-shirts
  • clever ways to paint your finger nails

What have you learned on Pinterest?

About Debbie

I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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5 Responses to Have You Met the Muffin Pan?

  1. Rebecca Spears says:

    Perhaps we can attend therapy together….
    There are lots of Debbie Johnsons, but no one looks like you. Can I follow you??

    • Debbie says:

      Rebecca, you can follow me on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest. In real life, I would prefer you to walk side by side! Thanks for reading!

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  3. Heidi says:

    I am scurrred Debbie, that it will be a time sucker! I know I need to jump in too and agree it’s the next wave of tech savvy girl power.

  4. Diane says:

    First, you are so welcome for the invite from me…LOL. Second, you described it as “like a magazine.” In my opinion, and I do have one here, it’s like crack. Once you start you just can’t get enough and there will probably somewhere along the way be interventions held to try to get the monkey off your back. Oh, how I love it. Really, really love it. :)