What’s In Your Trash Can?

My sister had a F1 tornado run through her neighborhood a few weeks ago. God bless my sister…I know she was shaken up, but she found a way to laugh.

Tornado warning

They were lucky as the damage to their house will taken care of by deductibles (joy!) and their car was covered by insurance. The swing set was ruined and the trampoline was found in a nearby tree.

We grew up in “tornado alley”. So, we know to watch the news for tornado warnings. Our parents still call us if they know of a storm coming our way. The storm that was expected to hit my sis’ area was expected to be just a mild thunderstorm. The tornado warning was a little piece north of them. KtheGreat had jumped in the shower at 5:30 am preparing for yet another roller coaster of a day. But, after showering, she discovered that the schools had delayed start. Well, KtheGreat has never welcomed mornings. So, with barely any clothes  on, she took advantage of a quiet house, a gentle rain and crawled back into bed. Besides, who doesn’t like to sleep when it’s raining? Her dear husband dressed and left for work. She was all comfy and dozed off. She was wakened by incredible winds, rain blowing sideways, windows sounding like they were about to explode, …that’s when KtheGreat thought out loud “Oh hell, I’m naked! and it’s a damn tornado…I’ve got to get my girls”. She said all she could think was “Oh lord, I’m going to be that woman on the news, half-dressed with crazy hair”. She went about grabbing something to put on and running for her kids’ rooms. She heard the roar of the wind and felt the fear. It was all over by the time she got to the girls’ rooms.  So she thought!

She finished getting dressed and peaked outside to check out the damage. She found the trampoline in a tree and the swing set completely twisted. It was garbage day, and the storm had knocked over everyone’s garbage bins. There was trash everywhere. Here is was made me laugh. My sister had herself a little panic attack. The week before was had been Witchy Week for KtheGreat …all she knew was her feminine products were laying in other neighbor’s yard. She put on polka dotted rain boots, old capri sweats that had paint on the butt, and an umbrella. Between getting the girls up for school, shoving cereal at them, she would bolt outside, look around real fast, then run back to check on the girls. Then, bolt…look for Tammy Tampon and Patty Pad, as she referred to them! She went about searching for them! Her retired neighbor was out checking on things. KtheGreat told him repeatedly, I would put some gloves on….he didn’t take her up. My sis has a mouth on her. I’m guessing she thought and probably said….”well, be an ass..you get what you get!…..” I wonder if her neighbors were looking for anything in her yard? Think about it. We see on the news how the FBI will search through suspect’s trash to gather info about them. What would be in your neighbor’s yard? What do you put in your trash?

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I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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4 Responses to What’s In Your Trash Can?

  1. Oh my goodness Debbie! Thankful your sister and fam are okay and that we do not have tornados in California! I am going to think twice about my garbage tho!:)

    • Debbie says:

      Paula, My friend moved from here to CA and she scares me with stories of earthquakes! Thanks for reading.

  2. Debbie says:

    KatyBeth, I love this! Good thing a tornado didn’t dump your trash can over..

  3. Katybeth says:

    So glad your sister and her family was okay. These tornados are so scary! My dearly departed husband was a pack rat in the extreem and my neighbor and good friends husband was also a pack rat. So we use to go through our husbands stuff and use each others garbage cans to throw out their junk the day before the garbage men came. In Chicago the garbage men head down the alley to grab the garbage. It worked great unless the garbage men decided to change days or one husband whould decide to take the garbage out on one of our “cleaning days.” We had many, many I love Lucy moments but were never caught…or at least we were never caught without very good excuses.