Profile of a Successful Girls’ Trip

I love me a good girls’ trip. I’m lucky enough to go on at least 2 per year, and I’ve gone on four in the last 12 months! I have a group of 15 women who I’ve been blessed enough to go away with for last 15 years and have also met “new” friends to celebrate birthdays with on girls getaways. When asked to share what makes a great girls’ trip, I couldn’t possibly pick just one, so I’m offering a few highlights.  The best part of all of my trips has been enough belly- laughing to make me pee my pants and make my face hurt! These trips are a great way to celebrate female friendships. It goes without saying that chocolate is an important part of any successful girls’ trip!

One recent getaway took a group of 7 lucky friends to Clearwater Florida celebrating a 50th birthday. The celebrators enjoyed a home-cooked shrimp meal on arrival complete with Cosmo cocktails, a day of shopping in the quaint Downtown Dunedin, walks on the pristine Honeymooner Beach, a delightful meal out at Salt Rock Grill, and most importantly some good old fashioned girl giggling.  The group even enjoyed road trip antics assisted by our smart phones. “Siri” was a special guest to guide us through Florida! Our birthday girl was the “token priss” and inspired me to try a new curling iron on our return home!

Another birthday getaway took a group of 12 lucky invitees to historic Savannah. The group arrived at the historic Liberty House that the birthday girl’s husband had reserved for some very grateful party goers! We were welcomed by individual goody bags including hand-painted wine glasses and visitor guides for Savannah made especially by the birthday girl’s momma!  One of the invitees treated us to fresh pralines from Savannah Sweets. We enjoyed a horse drawn carriage/ghost tour, a little bar hopping, shopping on River Street, a delightful meal at Alligator Soul, and a little club dancing at the Bohemian roof top bar that left a trail of pink boa feathers throughout Savannah! We enjoyed Bloody Mary cocktails and a little ghost scare at a local day spa complete with a ghost making an appearance in one of our photos!  The trip culminated with a family low country boil at the birthday girl’s parent’s house.

Over the last 15 years, my “regular” trips with the “Hippie Chicks” have included weekends in Blue Ridge, wine tasting in Dahlonega, and general lazing around on Lake Rabun, Lake Burton, Lake Keowee, Callaway Gardens, St. George Island, and a white water rafting trip in North Carolina. We have a special 50th birthday outing planned! This group has 15 members and we don’t have one bit of trouble getting our weekend dates nailed down. We book family vacations around these important weekends! This group started as a playgroup when our kids were little, and has turned into more of a support group for what life throws at us. Our weekends give us a chance to catch up. This group of women is good at girl’s trips. We are always happy to tell you how great our trips and our friends are!

I am a seasoned girls’ trip traveler…therefore, I claim expertise in this important part of women’s studies! I propose there are several important roles that are integral for a successful girls’ trip.

A Connector- someone who knows how to put together a group. Women are known to have “big”personalities and group dynamics can be tricky with the women folk. This role also helps to determine if the group gels and plans future outings.

An Organizer- every group needs somebody to set a day and make a list. Some groups are lucky enough to have more than one and then these tasks can be divided.

A Cook- a girl’s gotta eat, it may as well be good food!

A Mixologist- a girl’s gotta drink…at least any trip I’m going on. I guess this could be optional for tee-totalers…just don’t invite me if you are  leaving this job unfilled!

A themed cocktail- the Hippie Chicks have had many and it frequently changes.  Some faves are : Skip and Go Nakeds( enough said), Skinny Bitch (we are all over 40 now and the asses tend to spread when we drink anything more caloric than water…, vodka soaked gummy bears( advance prep required..and I recommend that you make alot less than you think you’ll need…they are strong little buggers, Cosmopolitans, and Strawberry Margaritas( Cathy, for the record, mixing rum in the strawberry mix, makes a daiquiri!

Special cups- we’ve had redneck wineglasses, custom painted stemware, solo cups personalized with high tech sharpies with weekend nick names, and wine charms.

A White Tornado- I live to cook, but hate to clean. I hear that some people like to clean. Weird, but handy people to be friends with.

A group themed costume- I have been known to wear a pink boa, a HC cap, a pink sequined mini dress among a few other password protected get ups…

Entertainment- laughter is one of the most important parts of the trip

A prankster- I’ve seen toothpaste filled oreos, boiled eggs hidden under pillows, bras in the freezer, jokes played on hubbies over the phone while wives were a little tipsy…

A inside joke- some time honored ones of the HC, “Save Your Friends”, “That’s Weird…”, and a few others that are password protected. Siri, Sorri… sound machines, iPad apps with nature sounds…

A token burper/farter- I’ve heard” girls don’t fart, they fluff”. My friends fart and burp. Enough said.

A token priss- they know who they are :) they come with curling irons, straightening irons, and enough lipstick for the whole crowd!

An activities director-  Newbie groups should think about a few tricks…scavenger hunts, shopping, restaurants, spa visits, white water rafting, hiking,  games. HC have long out grown this role. We mostly just sit in PJs or bathing suits and drink coffee in the am and cocktails in the after lunch hours!These activities just cramp the HC style…

Someone with a cabin/lake house/ beach condo/ hut- a free place to stay makes it so easy to plan and to get by the husbands. I have gone on trips that we actually paid for accommodations. I personally really prefer to just free load! I have been on two birthday weekends recently. Both were crazy fun. That is a great theme!

If you are considering a girls’ trip, the most important thing is to have fun! To celebrate friendships. I generally come back tired, but a little more centered. A little more appreciative of my family. A whole lot grateful for great women friends. Girl friends will get you through life..with a smile. I think good girl friends can save you alot of money in therapy, too!


About Debbie

I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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5 Responses to Profile of a Successful Girls’ Trip

  1. Wow! You are blessed to have a great group of girlfriends!! One of my “to-do” things for this year is to get away with the gals! Now I have even more motivation to do so! :)

  2. Debbie says:

    Nothing like a tight group of girlfriends — you’ve said it well: they can save you a lot of money in therapy! Laughter really is the best medicine, and being with people you like and trust, seeing new places, and getting away from it all, fills the ticket!