Doctor Appointments…

An orange check mark.

I finally can check off the dermatology check-up off my list. It has been wandering to the bottom of my to do list for about 2 years. I’m diligent about the others …the mammogram, Pap Smear, and dentist. For some reason,  the skin check is a tough one for me. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I’m afraid that all those years of sunning myself with baby oil/butter/Wesson oil is finally going to catch up with me? These days, I try to undo some of the damage that I did all those years ago. Every summer, I get myself a big brimmed hat to wear to the lake and I wear pretty fancy moisturizer with SPF on my face every day. My wallet screams every time I go for a refill!

Well, I headed on over for my check up. I must say I saw a little brown patch on my face that sparked my making the appointment. Well, I got there and am instructed to disrobe down to panties and bra. I start thinking, “I should have worn the matching bra and panties”. At least I put on the good ones, non-matching, but good ones. The things that go through my mind at lightening speed…poor doctor. He’s got to look at my 47 year old naked body…I barely want to do that and I’ve seen it before a few times! I explain that it’s been a while since the last check up and I’m concerned about the brown patch. Apparently, it’s not quite as noticeable to him as it was to me. He pronounces it fine as are the rest of the various and asundry moles. He says I look good. My ego perks up a  little. I ask when he needs to see me again, to which he replies only if I notice anything that changes. Again the ego…then I think..”Wait, ..does he think my skin cancer risks are low and I capable of checking myself? or “He doesn’t want to see that 47 naked body again unless he has to?” I’m going with the low risk. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Have you had your skin check-up? It took about 20 minutes and was much less painful than the internist and the gynecologist! They tell me to lose weight. It was even better than the dentist.They tell me to floss more…but I know they tell everybody that.  So, all in all, I can check that off the list for a while! Yea me!

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4 Responses to Doctor Appointments…

  1. Katybeth says:

    Isn’t it nice to cross those worries off your list. I bet the doctor was worried if he saw you again he might be overcome with passion and he knew he needed to keep his emotions in check after all he has his professionalism and license to consider!

    I am on book 2 of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy you will have to pardon me.

  2. Debbie says:

    Good for you! Yes, because of my rosacea, I go to my dermatologist regularly. You’re right — it is virtually painless, and it’s soooo reassuring to know that once again, I’ve passed inspection!