As June 9th and June  17th  approach, my mind and heart are filled with memories of Ernest  (Son) Vincent. Shannon, Kenneth, and I were blessed to call him Daddy. To the world he would be an ordinary man; to us he was the father that loved us unconditionally and spent his life giving to us, The Lord, Blue Eye Church and our extended family. He was a man who enjoyed watching Shannon play football, and then seeing him grow into an adult with the same work ethic he had. He cared for Kenneth through the years of his being unable to walk due to a bone disease, and when he could not run and play with the other kids, Daddy bought the first television in our community for Kenneth’s entertainment. In his infinite wisdom, Daddy also brought the kids to Kenneth, because they all came to watch cartoons with him. He also relished carrying “his boys” rabbit hunting with their pack of Beagles. How can I describe all that he was to me? The man who let me go to sleep sitting in his lap watching TV when I was little and then carried me to bed,  who gave me a piano and provided lessons for years on in, who was so proud of me being in the band at Alabama-but never bragged in front of me. Of course, according to Grace, he told her and others about it. But most of all, he was the father that showed us what family was all about by loving and respecting our precious mother, Millie, and helping to take care of Bigmama and Papa as they grew older. He did not send us to church; he carried us, and we worshipped together at Blue Eye. He loved his grandchildren more that life itself, and they were all special to him in each of their own way. He taught us many things by the way he lived each day of his life. On his birthday June 9the and on Father’s Day June 17th  , it is my hope that he left this world knowing he was a success as a husband, father, grandfather, and God’s servant who was loved by many.

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6 Responses to Daddy

  1. Dina Snow says:

    You were a lucky girl!

  2. KtheGreat says:

    Well said Connie! He did love his family and his church. We have to keep him alive in our hearts by sharing our memories. I’m SURE he would agree that we had a good subject! Keep the stories coming.

    • Debbie says:

      So right, Karron! He would be right, of course. A never ending source of inspiration in so many ways!

  3. Debbie says:

    The best life is the life lived simply. Thanks Connie! Now get back to work and write me some more! Our generation wants to hear more about Big Mama and Papa! :) )

  4. Debbie says:

    This is just beautiful, Connie! I was in the band at Ole Miss, despite my late daddy’s insistence no one in his family was musical! I suspect your dad, like mine, had an inkling how important his presence was to his family and is even now looking down from Heaven and beaming!

    • Debbie says:

      Debbie, thanks for checking in. Glad to share my talented and generous Aunt with Blogville!