Lazy Summer Days

Summer is here and I am wondering when the lazy days of summer will arrive? I’ve been MIA from my blog for almost two weeks. The summer started with a  beach vacation right after Memorial Day and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, feeding and keeping up with 4 teens is not exactly leisurely. Re-entry into reality isn’t so easy either. Especially when 2 weeks of Quick Books Hell awaited me. Wondering what that is? Well,…I hate book-keeping, but my husband decided about 15 years ago that since I was staying at home with the kids, I could do the data entry into Quick Books to submit tax info to the accountants. Fast forward to my present day self. Now I work full-time with said husband, and the book-keeping has remained in my “to do” column. Did I say I HATE data entry? That I HATE that seemingly endless task of “reconciling” the statement? The words the accountants use don’t make sense to me. They are just words… Guess what? I procrastinate. I procrastinate until it gets ridiculous. These past two weeks were ridiculous.

Then my blog hosting expired. Of  course it did. I just couldn’t switch the mental gears to log in to renew it. It was like I was afraid if I opened that page, I’d think of something way more interesting to do…like write or schedule a new post, or post it on FB, or send an email, or open Word and start writing a funny story. In my brain, I had to finish that most unpleasant task of my book-keeping before I could get my treat.

So, now I am caught up on laundry, dishes, and Quick Books. My sweet Aunt even sent me a post to use. Now I’m happy. Now I’m back on track. Thanks for stopping by…by the way…does anything get you off track?


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I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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One Response to Lazy Summer Days

  1. Debbie says:

    I was wondering where you’d gone and missed reading your blog! Glad for your respite; now back to work!