Keeping the Balance

 I’ve learned so much from all my “Hippie Chicks”. One thing that my girlfriend Kim is really good at is keeping things in perspective. It is hard to remember when I met Kim. I know that she wasn’t at the original playgroup at Lisa’s. Somehow she missed the orginal “flyer” and blurb in the newsletter that Lisa sent out. However, she managed to make it into the playgroup soon thereafter. We would soon learn that Kim had recently lost her mother to ovarian cancer. Her husband says now that those Friday mornings for coffee and laughs helped to draw Kim out of the dark tunnel she had been in.

Years later, Kim’s own cancer was a call to action of sorts for the soon to be named Hippie Chicks. We were all shaken to our cores with the fear of of losing someone we loved so much. She still says she is so grateful that she had women who cooked for her, drove her children, met her at doctor appointments, and cried and laughed with her. We are all just so happy that we got to celebrate her successful conquest of breast cancer.

For the last few years to celebrate Kim and her health, we get dressed up and cheer the Three Day Breast Cancer Walkers. I think it is a way to remember that awful year of Kim’s treatment and hope for only good things for the future.

Kim always seemed to be able to filter through the busy crap that some of us got caught up in. She got even better at this after her treatment and surgery. She volunteered/volunteers like the rest of us; but manages to avoid overscheduling herself and her kids. She seems to have an internal metronome to help keep herself balanced, centered, and happy. I guess that may come when so much is threatened.

Thanks Ms Kim and Happy Birthday!

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I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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4 Responses to Keeping the Balance

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks Debbie! My girlfriends have definitely helped me through some difficult days and one in particular helped me through the most difficult. I now see life as a blessing and live every day as if it is a gift. This time of year, I hear the word “blessed” from many people, and it reminds me that I am truly blessed to have my health, my family and my friends…to put it simply, my life. Sometimes it takes a crisis to make us see that life doesn’t have to be a competitive road race, but can be a simple walk in the park…however, if you throw me a softball, I am still likely to try to hit it out of the ballpark! Some things will never change. :) Love you tons…Kim