You Have to Be a Friend to Have a Friend

I’ve had alot of friends in my life and I’m thankful for each one of them. I had friends in high school, college and work, some that I’ve kept in touch with and some I’ve lost touch with. My Hippie Chicks have defied the distancing and distractions that can occur in a friendship that is not nurtured and fed. I’ve learned from my girlfriend, Beth how to be a really good friend. Our friendship started when our boys didn’t really like to go to “playgroup”;but we made them go anyway. Playgroup was always noisy and chaotic. Kind of like Hippie Chick outings are now. The boys didn’t really enjoy the chaos. We went anyway. The playgroup moms were learning how to take care of our children. We also needed to take care of ourselves and that group of young women learned together.

Over time, Beth and I would get together outside of playgroup to let our boys play in less chaotic environments. Not surprisingly, her friendship became as important to me as Austen and Will’s are to them. We laughed together, sought each other’s advice, really relied on each other.  Knowing Beth has allowed me to open my self up to other friendships since I met her. I think she taught me how to be a better friend. She is surely still teaching me. Thanks Ms Beth for being you and helping me to be a better me.


About Debbie

I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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4 Responses to You Have to Be a Friend to Have a Friend

  1. Beth Denenny says:

    To my dearest Debbie,
    I was just thinking about my text and FB reply to you and realized that I did not reply to you in the wonderful place we call Blogdom! You need to know how touched and honored I was to see my name mentioned in your blog about friends, not because I wanted to see my name in a beautiful font floating in cyberspace, but because I am honored to be your friend. Not only do we laugh, cry, lean on and learn from each other, but our kids do as well. The Hippy Chicks also teach us so many lessons daily…. like the fact that it is possible to belly laugh when you were at the edge of tears, that although we are all so different and handle life’s surprises in different ways, we all love and respect each other. The HC gals have taught each other that there is no room for judgements, just a supportive ear and the encouragement that laughing at our issues brings joy and healing. Since I have a lot to laugh about lately (2 teens going to city high school, a husband, 2 large dogs living in one story bungalow, and a large family with even larger issues) I couldn’t be happier that I answered a simple ad 16 years ago to join a bunch of struggling new moms at Lisa’s home. Thank you Lisa, Thank you Deb and thank you to all the Hippy Chicks. I love you!

  2. Denise says:

    Being a friend and having friends is one of the most inportant things in life! Thank you Debbie!