Brazil Has A Lot Going On

I’ve hearing about a lot of Brazilian culture lately. What am I talking about, you ask? Well, the Brazilian blow outs seem to be all the rage. As I understand it, they put some sort of treatment on naturally curly hair and then after letting it sit on there, rinse it off and do a serious blow dry. It supposedly straightens naturally curly hair and makes it easier for the bearer of natural curly locks to have straight hair with ease. As it happens, it is not so healthy for the hair stylists…the risks of providing extreme beauty?

I have also heard about the Brazilian steak houses. These restaurants are reported to be a little pricey, but kind of an all you can eat place with really good carefully prepared meat. I haven’t actually sampled one of these (because I am too cheap). Somebody suggested that lunch is good option with better prices. My problem with that is that I like to drink red wine with steak and it is frowned upon to drink during lunch!

Lastly, I have heard stories about Brazilian bikini waxes. I have nothing to say about that as I have NOT tried this bit of Brazilian culture. I just hope that if I ever decide to get a Brazilian blow out, the stylist doesn’t get confused and get the wax out!

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4 Responses to Brazil Has A Lot Going On

  1. Debbie says:

    KB, the answer is no for me too. Who am I kidding, I have totally had wine with lunch! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Katybeth says:

    The Brazilian steak houses in Chicago are very good and lunch is a wonderful option. Who says we can’t enjoy a glass of red wine at lunch? Who is frowning at you? It is 5-o-clock somewhere. Cheers!
    No Brazilian waxes for me. My eyebrows hurt when they are waxed…so I can imagine and the answer is No.

  3. Diane says:

    Debbie – Too funny. Those Brazilian blowouts have proven dangerous to the stylists and many salons are not doing them anymore for that reason. As the mother of a hairstylist I’m glad they have opted for a safe measure. As for the Brazilian bikini wax…ouch, is all I can say.
    Sorry, I’ve been absent from your blog, friend, but I’m trying to catch up with my favorite writers one day at a time:)

    • Debbie says:

      D, hopefully your daughter’s salon doesn’t offer this service! Don’t you worry yourself one little bit about visiting me. I have trouble with my blog and keeping up reading as well! You take care of your health!