Laughter. There is nothing better.

Parenting is so hard. Thank goodness God gave us the gift of laughter. I recently had the pleasure of sharing a good old-fashioned belly laugh with my family. I’m talking about laughing till the tears were streaming down my legs laughing. That stuff is good for you. I’m gonna share my story here and hope that you’ll think about the last time you laughed like that with some of your family. I’d love it if you would share it here…we can all use it.

I had the pleasure of taking our son to college orientation this week. It truly was a pleasure to have him in the car for 8 hours. Of course, the first 4 hours he slept the whole way to the campus! The experience was fabulous and we felt cared for the entire time we were there. Students who were there for summer school were so friendly and when we left my son and I were both excited to know that he had made a great choice of college.

I digress, except to tell you that we were in great spirits. My husband had stayed at home to “pay for all this fun”. His words, not mine. Anyway, our teen daughter had decided to stay with Dad to avoid the long car ride and boring college orientation. My soon to be college boy and I were about half way home full of smiles and stories to share when I received a text from my hubby. As my son read the text, he began truly LOL. All he got out of his mouth was “I went in ___’s room and found…” before laughter prevented any more words out.

Now, maybe your children are perfect and that “…” doesn’t give you a complete anxiety attack. In our house, our children are far from perfect. It is only logical because, we aren’t perfect and are FAR from perfect parents. As all sorts of things that my husband could have found in our daughter’s room  flew through my mind. Great. Here I am in a great mood and having a great time anticipating our son’s future. Holy crap. What , you are wondering, did he find….? A kitten. Yes, she was given a kitten and hid in her room for a whole week before being discovered! She did ask about 3 or 4 weeks ago if she could get one. However, since my husband is very allergic to cat dander, I vetoed that request. She decided that if she kept it in her room, it would bother her Daddy. Those of you who have met her, know how strong-willed and independent this young lady is.

Ironically, she had purchased the litter and litter box, food and a few toys for “Trixie” with her own money. Did I mention she is independent. I love that about her. Eventually I stopped crying from my laughing spree. Later that evening, I shared my story with my Daddy and he had the exact same reaction that my son and I had to the story. He was laughing so hard and loud that my Momma rushed into the room to see what was going on. I passed the phone over to my daughter so she could share her kitten experience. I’m pretty sure we gave my Daddy his best laugh of the day.

So, yes, laughter is good. It helps to change you from the inside out. So, find a way to laugh today!


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I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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