Listen for the Whispers

Imagine you feel all alone. You feel confused and empty and lonely and lost. You feel surrounded by fear and conflict.
Imagine your heart and soul cries out. You don’t even know who you expect to hear you.
Then the unexpected happens. That simple cry for help seems to be heard and feels like it is transformed into a fragile transparent life lifeline. Your world seems a little calmer. You feel a little less afraid. All because of a simple cry for help? How can that be? It doesn’t matter. It helped you make it through one more day.
The next time the loneliness begins to creep into your heart, you remember to cry for help a little sooner, a little louder, and the sense of peace comes more quickly. It’s almost like that fragile lifeline has doubled and you feel tugged toward the other end. You aren’t sure what’s there, but you are pretty sure there’s more peace there. With each passing day and each answered cry for help, you begin to hear a whisper. Only it’s not easy to hear . Not easy to understand. Still, you begin to desperately try to hear and understand. What is this? Where did this now heavy rope of braided lifelines come from. You realize you don’t feel quite so afraid or lonely.

You look up and see someone talking across the crowded, noisy room. You can’t hear or understand but feel drawn to move closer. The closer you get , it seems the noise and chaos of the room falls away. You begin to catch words and realize that person is giving you very important instructions. Why can’t you hear all of the words?!
The desperation of your heart opens your ears and all of a sudden , life seems simpler. Your path seems clearer, the path straighter. Is it possible that just the cry of a broken heart and the constant and desperate cry was all it took? You look down and you are wrapped in those fragile lifelines and feel the comfort they give.
This is not s fairy tale. Our Heavenly Father waits for us to ask . He is ready to send a lifeline. He has been answering prayers for eons and ready to send one of his beloved to share a lifeline. He is ready to help. Are you ready to ask? Or maybe, you have heard a cry for help. Is somebody near you crying for help?

Jeremiah 33:3

About Debbie

I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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