Pimento Cheese

You can hardly find a food more Southern than pimento cheese. Yea, I know, you are probably thinking about fried chicken. Think about it. Everybody makes fried chicken, sometimes even really well.  Southerners have pimento cheese down, though. I don’t remember my momma or grandmothers making it though when I was a girl. The first time I remember enjoying it was at a friend’s house. A love affair was born. Please don’t buy the nasty stuff at the grocery store! You will swear off of it for life.  If you want to try to make it for yourself, give my recipe a try. It is super simple and worth every calorie.

Debbie’s Southern Pimento Cheese

8 oz. Sharp Shredded Cheese,  (the sharper the better), shredded, I don’t use pre- shredded for this. Shred your own. It is worth the effort.

1 small jar diced pimentos, do not drain

Mayonnaise, Duke brand about 1/2 cup

tabasco sauce, a few dashes

Worcestershire sauce, a few dashes

paprika, about a 1/4 teaspoon

black pepper, fresh ground, about 1/4 teaspoon

salt, about 1/4 teaspoon

In a food processor, empty the contents of the pimento cheese jar. Add mayonnaise, and rest of ingredients except for cheese. Process until smooth. Pour this over the shredded cheese and mix by hand. Serve with crackers, celery, or on a tomato sandwich. I got all fancy one time and spread a little on a baguette and toasted it a little.


About Debbie

I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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3 Responses to Pimento Cheese

  1. Becky G says:

    i am going to make for weekend! YUM!

  2. Denise says:

    Love this recipe! This is the best pimento cheese I have ever had! Perfect for Masters week!

  3. Of course you use Dukes!!! I miss it!!! :-) May have to try this one day!!!