Blue Eye Springs Road

As Debbie’s blog describes, these stories are about our journeys, and all that other good stuff. I was recently, sitting with a friend watching our girls tumble. Earlier I had asked what she was doing on her handy dandy phone. “Ancestry work” she replied.  “Ugh!” I said and entered my private world. She wanted to prove a point and asked about my great grandparents. Well, that was at 7:30 pm. At 9:48, she called me with a report starting in the early 1800’s. She tells me that my family stays very close to Lincoln, AL and asked “Do you know a road …something….Blue Eye?” Ohhhh do I!

I’m not sure how old I was when we moved there, maybe I was born there.  This is my first memory of “home”.  I remember birthday parties with cousins. I remember playing outside in my underwear. Riding our horse, Lady, whenever we wanted to…WITHOUT GROWN-UPS! I remember acres and acres of field corn. I remember Mr. Greenjeans  (I don’t remember his name) planting me MY VERY OWN WATERMELON PATCH! Other memories include laying on the watermelons under the tree, dipping daddy’s hunting dogs (fleas didn’t stand a chance), going rabbit hunting with my daddy, picking my own switch, and playing in the spring that was colder than ice water but those are just a few. I will focus on one particular memory in this entry, there are so many!  I was in elementary school. I am guessing 4th grade, 9 years old MAX! My great grandfather, Poppa , lived across the previously mentioned corn field. My job EVERYDAY was going to Poppa’s and to give him his medicine. My Granddaddy asked me to do this! I’m not kidding. So, everyday, I would get on my trusty blue bicycle and peddle down to Poppa’s. Walk in. I’m sure I didn’t knock! Go to the kitchen in the back of the house. Open the white cabinet on the right just as you walk in. Get the container off the top shelf with allll his meds in it…and start dosing it out. I remember one particular medicine. It was purple, sweet and sticky. During one extra fun visit, I had help, my cousin Beth. After administering his daily meds, we cooked breakfast. Scrambled eggs served with ketchup, red hot link sausages, and biscuits. Big ones, little ones, baby ones, HUGE ones….all shapes and sizes. We had flour from one end to the other of his HUGE KITCHEN. Just as soon as they would come out of the oven and we finished eating, it would ALWAYS be time for his nap so we would have to leave. I’m sure he wasn’t tired of us! No, surely not! An 80 something year old man tired of 9 year olds….??? But, I know this….We didn’t clean up ANYTHING! Grace passed away many, many years ago, but thank you Grace for cleaning up many o messes! Blue Eye Road brings good memories my way, some rough ones too! My mother DID switch my legs every step of the way home after I ran away! OUCH! Bicycle accidents on our way to our Aunts house. I will never forget how surprised I was when I say Connie pick Debbie up like she weighed nothing, gently put her in the car…fly around the corner to our house, get mother and off to the ER for many, many stitches! My question for you is ….Were you lucky enough to live on a “Blue Eye Springs Road” with people you admired and who adored you? As hard as I try to make lasting memories with my daughters, I just don’t think they will compare to the ones made on Blue Eye Springs Road!

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  1. KtheGreat says:

    This is per Shannon/Poppa/Fish!!!…. The watermelon man’s name is J O Davey …. and I did a good job! (lol…I asked Daddy was there anything else for me to add for him….he said it…not me)

  2. Bethie says:

    Hi KtheGreat, not sure we were 9 when the med dosing job started, may have been younger, I don’t think we could read yet. What about the times he asked us to clip his big, thick toenails? Every Easter the BIG family Easter Egg Hunt at Poppa’s – GREAT TIMES and even better memories!!

    • Debbie says:

      Bethie, I was pretty sure there was a ghost in those bedrooms..I bet Mark and Braxton told us there was! I loved listening to Coot, Sis, Grace, Margie, Mary, Bernice, and the “cousins”!

  3. Braxton says:

    Great story! Thanks for sharing

  4. Thank you for a great memory. Yes I grew up on Blue Eye Springs Road and I am so very thankful that we returned in 1993 and built our home under the shade of Papa’s big oak trees. Sometimes, it still hard to believe we ended up with the old home place. Yes,karron..your first home was on BESR. I loved living close enough for you to ride your bikes to my house. The messes you made cooking with Papa were probably like the ones we made making tea cakes with Bigmama.

  5. Debbie says:

    K, for two girls who were so desperate to leave that small town, we have great memories! Thanks for sharing, and keep them coming!