Help! I’m Logged in and Can’t Log Out!

I helped my parents get started on FaceBook recently. They were feeling a little left out of pictures, status updates, and laughs…So, away they went. The initial learning curve was steep. We had to create email addresses. I was calling out his email address and password. He wrote out “dotcom”. I’m not kidding. Like I said, the learning curve was STEEP! It took a few tries before he could log in successfully alone. I was reminded of trying to open a locker in junior high school! Once he successfully logged in,  Daddy would freak out when he saw the “suggested friends” on the side. If he said once, he said ten times, “But I don’t even know her/him!”. Then the quandary of how to respond/not respond to those friend requesting him. You see, he  doesn’t like people in his business…If you have friended my Daddy and he hasn’t responded, don’t get your panties in a wad! He may be pretending that he still doesn’t understand FB!

All was going well enough. He had gotten used to it. Then FaceBook changed.  I got a call at work from him. He never calls me at work, so I was immediately concerned. He explained that he logged into FaceBook as usual. He soon noticed it looked different. When he was finished, he couldn’t find the “log out” button. I have a memory of a commercial of an elderly lady saying “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!”

I am glad my folks and in-laws are on FB. I’m proud of them to for learning something new. Even if my Daddy types with one finger. Even if he only “creeps” in on our posts and pictures. Vee gives me a chuckle when she types “LOL”. I told her to be careful with some of those text/FB abbreviations…One of my aunts got an iPhone recently and has even started texting. What’s next, my Momma and Daddy get an iPad??Poppa tweeting? Vee on Google+? I may fall over dead if my father in law shows up on my FB feed!

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I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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8 Responses to Help! I’m Logged in and Can’t Log Out!

  1. Isabelle G says:

    My mom is 81 she uses FB, email, gtogle, picassa,… Her next trip in june will be to the polar circle…, no kidding , she is going on a cruise with her cousins and two girlfriends!,,, last October she was here visiting from Europe…
    I have to tell you she has 7 kids and 14 grandchildren to keep up with….

  2. Katybeth says:

    I can so relate–we gave my 80 year old dad and I-Phone for Christmas which he had talked about wanting every time he saw the commercial. I sent my son and the phone to set it up for him over Christmas break. Somehow I was blessed with an incredible patient boy who can teach other’s about gadgets and computers. I have no idea where this patient gene came from–certainly not from his parents. My dad could try a Saints soul when it comes to learning something new…and my mom becomes instantly frustrated…certain the computer, Facebook, I-pad is out the thwart her and her alone. I can help them for about 30 seconds before I start hyperventilating. My mother has Facebook and I have her sign on information so I can fix any glitches. She is hardly on tho. which works for me. My dad is doing well with his I-phone and has determined his fingers are not to fat for the keys….my mom just called 15 minutes ago about a contact issue with her phone…I told her Cole would call her the minute school was out!
    Good Luck to Mr Hippie Dude. Good Luck to you!!

  3. Sandra Wilson says:

    I feel Shannon’s pain. I have not been able to find most of the stuff I use to see on FB since the change. We just don’t adapt easily. Love your chronicles Debbie. Brings back such sweet memories.

  4. Nancy says:

    No worries about Grandpa Kent on fb. He doesn’t even like to interact with others when they are in the room much less look for more reasons to have to be social.

  5. KtheGreat says:

    He doesn’t like folks in his business, but the sacrifices he will make to snoop on others! He says he’s not nosey … Just friendly! Whatever Poppa…now, if either of them post WTF, I’m washing their hands with SOAP!