Raw Emotions, Good Stuff!

All of us have had experiences that stand out in the field of memories. Three dates that stand out for me are October 19, December 28 and March 15. These are very special dates to me. But, it wasn’t the actual events that make them special because I would have to add another birthday to the list if that were the case (Little Princess, February 25), it was what happened after the fact.

On October 19th 17 years ago, we eagerly awaited for my brother-in-law’s announcement.   Brian floated down the hall, peacefully, and proud and announced “It’s a boy!”  Thankfully, my sister had chosen to wait to find out the sex of the baby. I was so touched and honored that I was able to be there to witness the raw emotion than overwhelmed this new daddy. A warm feeling went through my soul that is hard to describe. Unfortunately, I was unable to be at the birth of our first princess due to a new job, but I know it was just as beautiful.

Second date that does the heart good is December 28. It was my time to bring a baby into this world. I can’t give you the visual of how my hubby made his announcement. He was overwhelmed I do know this. He was very quiet. The c-section was over. I was in recovery, just me and the nurse. I look up and see my sweet daddy peaking in the door. The nurse seemed alarmed, “Sir, this area is off limits”. But, after she realized he belonged to me (yes, I said belonged! Ha!)…she went back to her work. For a long time (40 weeks to be exact), I had wondered how I was going to tell my daddy my plans. How would I tell him that I was naming my first born after the two of us? After the two personalities that had clashed for so many years. I had shared my plans with other family members, but THREATENED their life if they whispered it to a single soul. Well, folks my family has big mouths. I just knew somebody had spilled the beans. I asked, “Did they tell you her name?” He quickly and quietly replied “Nope”. With tears in my eyes, my heart beating wildly, I spoke her name. He nodded, tried to breathe, and vanished. I’m talking POOF! I’m not sure where he went, but I know he was numb, his heart was pricked, and his emotions were raw.

On March 15, I breezed through my second c-section. No complications, no problems in recovery. Again, I had planned a family name. But, this was going to be a little tricky. I was going to have help on this one. My aunt agreed to join me in my efforts. Her job was to get my Granddaddy Son to the hospital, two hours away, in time for the delivery. Of course, she accomplished her mission! I never doubted her. Once again, I made everyone promise NOT TO TELL GRANDDADDY the name I had chosen if my baby was a girl. Anyhoo, I asked to see him and the nurses agreed. The nurses had given me a stuffed pink bear with their names, along with her measurements, time of birth, and name, etc. I had it under the sheets when he walked in. I knew I only had a few minutes before they would make him return to the waiting room. I gave him the bear and asked his opinion of the name I had chosen for his third great, granddaughter. She was named after his beloved wife of more than 50 years. He cleared his throat, wiped his eyes, rubbed the bear ever so slightly while searching for what to say, and said “that’s alright….that’s alllllllright…”…in a very soft, sweet loving voice. Once again, true, raw emotions were pouring out.

Each of you has stories about your experiences with the powerful force of love. Please share them with the people that you love. It’s good for the soul. It’s good for the heart.

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7 Responses to Raw Emotions, Good Stuff!

  1. Diane says:

    What great memories, Debbie. You’re right, it’s good to share these special times with those we love. The memories truly do last a lifetime.

  2. mary Vincent says:

    Thanks girls for remembering @sharing special memories. Sometimes we tend to forget . I would like to add a comment. While we were looking through the nursery window@ Steve with our new baby girl Papa Shannon disappeared no one seem to know where he was. Without asking for directions somehow he managed to find his baby girl to make sure she was o.k.

  3. GranRie says:

    Thanks for sharing Kay, things like this softens hearts and makes a difference in lives. And you’re right as a family we may have our differences on occassion, but our love is like the strongest glue-it binds us together. Love you.

    • KtheGreat says:

      Girl…GORILLA Glue is mere school glue compared to our bond!

      • Christina says:

        Karron..that was so touching. I was crying. Thank you for sharing. You are correct also..the bond our family has is stronger than ever. Love your stories..keep them coming!