Who Hit “Shuffle”?

Some people lives are like play list, or at least they want you to think so. They know what’s next; they know the genre, the mood, etc. Well, mines not! My life is more like living in a continuous shuffle. I can’t imagine living life on “repeat”.  See, my play list as a wide variety of choices. On any given day, my day can go from Jimmy Buffet to Lady GaGa to AC/DC back to Zach Brown, and not necessarily in that order.  Some days, Boom Boom Pow gets thrown in there too! Am I complaining, ABSOLUTELY not! I like Jimmy B, but all day? Who could take Lady GaGa all day? Besides, even the Lady changes personalities during the day! But when you shuffle through all your demands, responsibilities, hobbies, and activities maybe you will end your day/ song with a feeling of being balanced and productive. What’s your playlist? All fun?… All dance? …All meditation? …All Work? …or Head Banging? Lord, please don’t let me get stuck in Selena Gomez land!

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One Response to Who Hit “Shuffle”?

  1. Debbie says:

    K, I would add, that we choose what is in our “playlists”. We don’t allow random music in any more than we let random stuff in our lives. What is good for one, just won’t work for another. So dance little sis and enjoy!