Have a Red Flannel Christmas!

Many years ago, my Granny gave the girls and women in our family a gift that created some momentum. I’m guessing she didn’t know what to give and decided to make us all red flannel nightgowns. My younger cousins got PJs in the same fabric. We have a picture of all us decked out in our finery. My husband called us the “Lincoln Tabernacle Choir”. It was almost 20 years ago and I still have mine. I love it.  It is WARM! I actually use it as a robe/housecoat on Christmas morning. When my children were born, I made them their versions of the treasured red flannel sleepwear.  My sister did the same. I must admit that I haven’t kept up the sewing for my kids in several years. I haven’t sewn much of anything except basic repairs and Girl Scout patches lately! I did pick up some red sleep pants for each of the kids this week for them to wear Christmas Eve night. I hope it is enough to spur a conversation. To keep a memory of family stories alive. I love my red nightgown obviously because my beloved grandmother made it. Granny only lived long enough to meet my son as a baby. It makes me sad that my children and nieces don’t have memories of their own of someone so important to me.  They  will have to make do with the family stories that we tell. Good thing my sister and I like to tell stories so much!

Do you have a family holiday memory that makes you smile? Please share!


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I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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12 Responses to Have a Red Flannel Christmas!

  1. Karin Krikorian says:

    My great Aunt Dorothy used to make all of her great nieces and nephews homemade cookies each year. She used to save coffee cans all year and then wrap them in Christmas paper. She would put the cookies in the cans. We always knew there would be a tin of cookies from good old Aunt Dot under the tree. I must mention that the cookies were always burnt to a crisp. We learned to eat around the burnt parts which were usually just at the very top. As an adult, this just makes me smile.

  2. Charlotte Vincent says:

    I still have my nightgown, I wore it for a long time after that Christmas. I will wear it again on Christmas eve & one year I bought my grandsons red flannel nightgowns with their initials on them. I don’t sew as much as I used to either but I am trying now to sew again. Son told me, too, how much fun Millie had making those nightgowns. Sweet memories. Merry
    Christmas everyone.

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting Charlotte! Hope ya’ll have a great time with the boys this Christmas!

  3. KtheGreat says:

    I will be brave enough to admit that I laughed at this gift. I remember thinking “What in the hell was Granny thinking….I am NOT wearing that thing”….but, that thing is only worn on Christmas. Handled as if it is a document from the 1800′s. Granny V would be tickled if she knew how we loved her gift. Granddaddy told us how she hid alllllll that flannel and how long she worked it. I am embarrassed of my initial ungratefulness. I imagine her sitting at her sewing machine sewing this gowns, thinking and I’m sure praying for each of us with every stitch. What were her thoughts? For me, it was probably, “I hope my Monkey cuts that wild hair of hers”…lol….We love you Granny!

  4. Nancy says:

    I have the memory of the picture and a memory of your husband’s traditions. Every Christmas Eve we would go to my mother’s parents. My mom’s sister and her children, my dad’s mom and her husband. Everyone would gather in my grandparents small but cozy home for dinner and fun. After dinner we would all practice our Christmas carols and go Christmas caroling around to the neighbors who we had know since my mom was young. We would end up at the Erdman’s home where my mom would show off her talent for playing the accordion. After midnight we would hurry home in hopes that we hadn’t beat Santa and missed our presents. Big fun!

  5. I have the gown AND a great picture.

  6. Diane says:

    Love that you still have your red flannel. One of the funniest Christmas memories I have is the year my female cousin gave my husband underwear as a gift. To this day, my husband still can’t figure that one out. It made us laugh then and continues to do so all these years later. ?