Hindsight is 20-20

Hindsight is always 20-20 and I’m tempted to think ” I should have…” . My friend Toni has a great saying.  She says “I’m not gonna should on you”. You see things just happen all the time. We all make choices and decisions and some better than others. In the end, we just need to learn from them. Sometimes the choices of others even have consequences on us or our families. Most mommas I know have a Super Mom cape in their purse. We are always wanting to whip it out and save the day.The inability to do that is tough for me. I tell my son all the time that he is my experiment child. I see things that I could have done differently and wonder “what if?” He has a forgiving nature thankfully and lets me off the hook far better than I let myself off.

My faith teaches me that God is guiding my life. So when something happens that is not exactly as I hoped, I try to make myself stop and remember that God is in control. If I try to force something whether it be for myself, or my family, I may very well be getting in HIS way. Hopefully when my kids experience triumphs and disappointments,  they  won’t should on somebody. Just maybe they will see God’s hand in their life.

About Debbie

I have been married for 20 years to a Yankee, have two great kids, a fun and funny Southern family, and a whole bunch of friends. I try to enjoy the journey!
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