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What’s In Your Trash Can?

My sister had a F1 tornado run through her neighborhood a few weeks ago. God bless my sister…I know she was shaken up, but she found a way to laugh. They were lucky as the damage to their house will … Continue reading

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Are You Weird Like Me?

I am weird. I know this because my kids tell me so. My husband is weird also. Actually, most of my friends are weird. Birds of a feather…if you think about it, we are all weird. We are all different; … Continue reading

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Can You Laugh At Yourself?

I say all the time that I learn from my friends. One of them makes me laugh so quickly and easily. She also has the ability and willingness to laugh at  herself. She celebrates her birthday today. Some may say … Continue reading

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In My Next Life…

So school is well into the year. I am thinking that many of you may be feeling my pain. I am going to post my morning routine. Wake up, go to the bathroom, wash hands, brush teeth Wake teenagers Let … Continue reading

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Who Hit “Shuffle”?

Some people lives are like play list, or at least they want you to think so. They know what’s next; they know the genre, the mood, etc. Well, mines not! My life is more like living in a continuous shuffle. … Continue reading

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